Who we are.


In 1997 the founding team of LOCUS MEDICUS SA, envisioned an environment where clinical practice and laboratory science, two parallel, equally important aspects of MEDICINE which rarely intersect, could “collide” in a fertile environment, releasing energy and ideas, fueling applied research for new innovative approaches to known and emerging medical issues. Our medical colleagues play a pivotal role in evaluating the clinical significance of the constant flow of innovative diagnostic methodology. This relationship has always been bidirectional. Clinical questions emerging from our medical practices continuously stream into the lab to navigate the research process towards specific targets of high clinical and market value.

Locus Medicus

Our mission.


Our mission in Locus Medicus is to provide a systematic, comprehensive, etiological investigation of infertility through clinical consultation and exclusive, specialized high-end diagnostic tests, as well as therapy through simple pharmaceutical treatment or assisted reproduction services in the best clinics available in Greece.

What makes us unique.


We differentiate by our medical and research expertise in infertility that goes far beyond the standard practices and guidelines of the market, our access to high-end, difficult to access or completely exclusive technology and methodology such our international patented tests, our collaboration with the top medical practitioners in the field of assisted reproduction and our willingness to provide all of the above in low prices so as to make our service readily available to everyone.

What we do.


Locus Medicus operates interdisciplinary clinical practices, with a special interest in male and female Infertility, medically-led diagnostic and research laboratories. It provides a full range of clinical diagnostic services from clinical pathology to specialized genetic testing to individual patients and other laboratories and clinics in Greece and Internationally, since 1996.

A. Clinical sector.


Locus Medicus provides interdisciplinary clinical practices in:

Internal medicine

Obstetrics and gynecology



Reproductive medicine

B. Diagnostic sector for patients.


Our diagnostic sector provides services to two categories of clients: Private patients and other medical companies. Our clinical laboratories are nationally and internationally recognized for their high-end specialized medical tests in the fields of Molecular Pathology and Genetics, Cytogenetics, Immunology and Cellular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Oncology, Hematology, Histopathology and Reproductive Immunology.

Clinical Diagnostic laboratory for patients.

Internal referrals by Locus Medicus practices

External referrals by collaborating doctors outside Locus Medicus

Private and public insurance patients

Patient walk-ins

Internationally shipped samples from individual patients outside Greece

C. Diagnostic sector for companies.


Locus Medicus provides reference laboratory testing for hospitals, private clinics, medical centers and laboratories throughout Greece and Europe. Our collaborations since 1996 include more than 200 private laboratories, medical centers, private clinics and state hospitals and more than 1000 private medical practices.

Reference laboratory services for other medical centers.

Small privately owned diagnostic laboratories and medical centers

Large private clinics, hospitals and organizations

National state hospitals

International collaboration with private practices and clinics in Europe