A full consultation with our leading fertility specialist Dr. Vassilis Tsilivakos (MD, PhD, Immunologist and Pathologist) via visit at our clinic or tele/videoconference (i.e. Skype) lasts about 60 min - 90 min. It includes an interview of your full medical history, evaluation of older test results and analysis, discussion about further testing and a course of action and possible treatments. This will help us complete the picture regarding your infertility problem as a couple and through targeted personalized treatment we will hopefully be able to help you achieve your goal.

We will be available for any follow-up questions you may have via e-mail or phone, and if needed, we can later book a second follow up consultation for the interpretation of your results, the reasoning behind each suggested treatment and possible positive outcomes after its completion, as well as medication dosage, treatment procedures etc.

It is strongly suggested that both partners be present, if possible, during consultations.

Available Services Code Price  
Dr. Vassilis Tsilivakos second opinion consultation CNS1001 100,00 €